Dr. Yona Barash “Supreme Court ruling makes Americans safer.”

SACRAMENTO, CA – –  Today the United States Supreme Court voted in a bi-partisan 7-2 vote to allow the United States to enforce a limit on issuing travel visas for travel from the nations of Chad, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen unless they are fully vetted by U.S. security officials.

Dr. Yona Barash, an immigrant and candidate for California’s 7th Congressional District, supported the court’s decision, “Today’s Supreme Court ruling makes Americans safer. As the war against terrorism rages on, carefully reviewing every foreign national that wants to enter the United States from countries that have produced terror suspects is just plain common sense. I applaud the Supreme Court and I hope to have the policy implemented as quickly as possible. The United States no longer has the luxury of assuming every traveler into our country has the best intentions. As a member of Congress I will always support what is in the best interest of the United States instead of personal politics.”

Dr. Barash’s statement comes in stark contrast to incumbent Ami Bera’s position on the travel restrictions. Earlier this year Bera cosponsored legislation to oppose the travel ban.

Dr. Yona Barash is a prominent local surgeon in the Sacramento area as well as a former member of the Israeli Defense Force. Dr. Barash offers a unique perspective on global foreign policy and security issues.