The evolving Iran situation.

As predicted, the Iran deal, which was supported by Ami Bera, was a bad deal for the US, our allies and especially for the people of Iran.

Iran was one of the most advanced countries in the area with very high rate of university graduates in science and engineering.  They had become a very westernized and modern country. Unfortunately, the country was taken over by a brutal, extreme religious dictatorship taking it back centuries.

Seven years ago, the Iranian people revolted against this ruthless regime that brought poverty and economic collapse to a thriving country. While they were crying for our help, President Obama did nothing to support the people of Iran in their attempt to put an end to this dictatorship.  The Obama Administration was willing to accept the results of a fraudulent election and support the corrupt government of Iran, all in the name of achieving a faulty agreement that gave Iran billions of dollars with nothing in return except an empty and poorly verifiable agreement not to develop a nuclear weapon.

As expected, Iran used the billions of dollars received from the US to increase their support for terrorism, as well as their involvement in Syria and Iraq. Iran is currently the number one supporter of terrorism in the world.

We are now witnessing another uprising in Iran against the Ayatollah’s regime due to the fact that none of the money given to Iran was used for the people but rather for Hezbollah and Syria. This only worsened the poverty and despair for the people in Iran. While the regime is blaming the US and Israel for their trouble, the demonstrators realize their dictator is the true culprit to the Iranian’s poverty and demand an end to the Ayatollah’s control of the country.

This is an opportunity to act and help in the facilitation of a regime change that is needed to stabilize the middle east. A regime change in Iran will help to curtail the Russian involvement and influence in the area that will be very problematic for many years to come if left unchecked.

I hope that this time we don’t ignore the opportunity to help the real people of Iran and bring that country back into the modern westernized society.